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Fixings for Secondary Glazing and Measurement Tips

Fixed pane secondary glazing sheets


Magnetic tape can be used for fitting 2-4mm acrylic or plate polycarbonate . The kit comes in either 15 or 30M lengths and consists of a  roll of white steel tape and white backed magnetic tape (brown backed magnetic tape is also available).

The adhesive on the steel tape in the magnetic tape kit works best when applied to a high gloss surface. The paint need to be well cured and in good condition. We strongly recommend cleaning the surface with a  pure alcohol cleaner(such as IPA wipes) before fitting to ensure there are no contaminants on the surface. You may also want to consider using  easyfix screw clips with the larger panels to help support the magnetic tape. They cost £1.88 for a pack of 12.

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Framed magnetics stripsFramed magnetic strips are white upvc clip edging on a magnetic tape backing 2.44M long with a white steel strip with self adhesive backing.

The white steel strip is fixed to the window frame as above and the framed magnetic strip is clipped onto the edge of your acrylic or polycarbonate secondary glazing sheet.

This ideal if you require the ease of use of magnetic tape but want a  frame around the glazing sheet. If you are using this with a larger sheet we recommend screwing through the frame to help support the panel.  You need 19mm of flat mounting surface on your window frame to fit the framed magnetic strip. The 2.44M strip costs £9.83 per length ex VAT. We have a handy guide available on how to measure for secondary glazing for your convenience.

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The Easyfix kit can be used for fitting 2-4mm acrylic ,plate polycarbonate or glass. You get a 15M roll of flexible edging ,72 nylon clips and wood screws ,a  mitre tool and fitting instructions.

The flexible edging is used to frame the panel and it is then held in place by the nylon clips and screws.

As Easyfix is not reliant on adhesive it is ideal where the surface is not high gloss,is slightly uneven,or slightly damp. The kit is available in white,clear or brown.

If you would like to order please go to our online shop

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Superglaze EdgingSuperglaze Edging

It is suitable for 2-4mm acrylic, plate polycarbonate or glass. The pack includes either a 1.22 or 2.44M length and screws and fitting instruction and is available in white and brown.

The glazing panel slides into the clip and the edging is screwed onto the window frame. 4mm will be a tight fit and you will need to use a lubricant.You need 19mm of flat mountable surface on your frame to fix the edging and the frame sits 10mm around the edge of your secondary glazing panel. It can only be removed by unscrewing from frame.

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To order please go to our online shop

Secondary glazing filmSecondary Glazing Film

This is ideal for rental properties and where you are looking for a short term solution. The pack includes a sheet of clear plastic film and double sided tape with full fitting instructions . The double sided tape is stuck around the windows frame and the plastic film applied. A hairdryer is used to smooth out the creases.

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Cutting Tips

The sheets can be sawn with an electric jigsaw or a handsaw with a fine toothed blade. They can also be drilled using a slow speed power drill or hand drill. Put a small piece of adhesive tape on the sheet to prevent the drill point from skipping.

We offer a free cut to size service. Just give us the dimensions at time of order. Our saw cuts to a tolerance of +/- 3mm.

Measuring Tips

We offer a free cut to size service. When ordering just tell us the dimensions you need the glazing sheet cut to.

The secondary glazing panel needs to cover the glass of your window plus at least the width of your fixings. If you want the secondary glazing to go up to the outside edge of the recess please ensure you allow some tolerance space incase the wall isn't square etc. You may find our measurement converter useful..

If you are using the OM25 magnetic tape this the size the glazing sheet needs to be cut to. The tapes are 13mm wide so ensure there is enough space on the frame to accommodate this.

If you are using the Easyfix flexible edging please allow space for the clips . If you deduct 22mm per dimension that should be sufficient.

If you are using the framed magnetic tape deduct 8mm per dimension from the external dimensions of the window frame/outside edge of where you want the secondary glazing frame to sit. The framed magnetic tape needs a flat mountable surface of 16mm around the window frame.

If you are using Superglaze ,the screw side of the strip takes up 10mm so deduct 20mm per dimension from the external dimensions of the window frame/outside edge of where you want the secondary glazing frame to sit. It is important that there is a clean flat mountable surface of 20mm all the way round to ensure a good fit. Please ensure that all window furniture e.g. handles etc fit within the recess.

It is important that there is a flat surface all the way round to ensure a good fit. Please ensure that all window furniture e.g. handles etc fit within the recess.

Customer Comments

"I wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation of your service and products.

It can be a little daunting sometimes ordering materials from people you haven't met or products you haven't seen specially sheets of perspex!

I am pleased to recommend you all most highly,the packing was nearly as good as the sheeting itself. Tricia on sales was a delight, the help and service you provide is perfect.

We are already reaping the benefit of secondary glazing. A great big thank you."

"Dear Omegabuild, thank you very much for your delivery - swift service - and good customer care - all the items arrived to the spec that I had ordered and were well packaged and in good condition on arrival. How superb your customer service is! Ingarden Garden Accessories & Furniture "

"Thank you for all your help and support . We have fitted the secondary glazing panels and it has made such a difference. It has not only given us extra insulation but it has draughtproofed our draughty window frames. Our offices are really warm now and we have recommended you to the other council offices. "

"Just wanted to let you know that our cut to size polycarbonate secondary glazing panels, fitted in October last year, have been a great success. Our early Victorian house (built in 1850) was very noticeably warmer this winter. Once the house had heated up the heat conserved very well when we turned the thermostat down, whereas before the panels were fitted the heat loss was considerable. It is an excellent solution for houses that are in a conservation area, or are listed, and are not allowed to install double glazed windows.

We have very large sash windows and opted for the OM24 UPVC white glazing strips to hold the panels in place behind internal wooden shutters. They were invisible once installed and the system worked very well. We haven't received our winter fuel bill yet but we expect consumption to be down on last year as a direct result of your 16mm polycarbonate panels."

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